23rd Akbank Jazz Festival - 25th September/12th October 2013

Akbank Jazz Festival

A city that night and day, keeps up the beat
each neighborhood its own tune
each street its own rhythm
and which can’t stand silence
Istanbul makes its own music,
A sound no one can resist.
It’s a city where harmony riffs with chaos
where life finds order in disorder
a city where every moment is improvised anew
a city like no other, of point and counterpoint
We believe Istanbul and jazz music are a perfect match,
and we take pride in helping them come together for 23 years,
and each time embraced by the city with  great excitement.
See you at the Akbank Jazz Festival, "The City in the State of Jazz".

Artists: http://www.akbanksanat.com/en/caz-festivali/sanatcilar

Program: http://www.akbanksanat.com/en/caz-festivali/caz-program




Akbank Jazz Festival Young Talents Competition

Organized for the third time this year as part of Akbank Jazz Festival, Akbank Jazz Festival Young Talents Competition JamZZ is open for submissions, featuring a renowned jury and treating young talents with huge opportunities.

The competition will stage an opportunity for amateur young talents below 30 years old to be a part of the festival and perform a jam session with professional artists, taking place under 5 categories: "Winds", "Percussions", "Strings", "Keys", "Vocals".

For pre-election stage of the contest, applicants should submit by October 5, 2013, Saturday, a demo CD, a short résumé, a cover letter describing their musical style, and a photo of theirs at the address of Akbank Sanat / Beyoğlu.

Kerem Görsev, the pianist and composer who is one of the most notable figures of the Turkish jazz scene, will be the head of the jury, which includes the producer Barış Selimoğlu, the globally-renowned jazz virtuoso Ferit Odman, the double-bass player Kağan Yıldız as well as the guitarist Neşet Ruacan who is among most renowned virtuosos of the Turkish jazz scene. Pre-election for the competition will take place on November 17, 2013, Sunday. Young jazz artists who are awarded under "Best Performance", "Best Improvisation" and "Best Interpretation" categories will co-perform with master jazz musicians in a special jam session, to be held on November 18, 2013, Monday, at Babylon, as part of 23rd Akbank Jazz Festival.

Click for JAmZZ Conditions of Participation

Click for JAmZZ Application Form

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