2013 IASJ Jazz Meeting: general information

The IASJ Jazz Meeting in 2013 starts on Saturday the 29th of June and ends on Friday the 5 of July. The meeting takes place in Denmark. Both Swinging Europe in Herning and the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus are the hosts. The first few days are spend in Vildbjerg, a little outside Herning, where rehearsals, lectures, jam sessions and concerts take place. On Tuesday the 2nd of July the IASJ Jazz Meeting continues in Aarhus where more rehearsals, jam sessions and the two final concerts take place.

It is the second time the IASJ Jazz Meeting is hosted by a school of jazz in Denmark. In 1995 the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen hosted the IASJ Jazz Meeting on a boat that sailed in the Baltic Sea and visited the main harbors.The IASJ Jazz Meeting 2013 will be be at least as spectacular in its diversity of the program.

For more information:

Linda Stenholt Jensen: linda@swinging-europe.dk