18th Slovenian Jazz Showcase Festival, Ravne na Koroškem (Slovenia), September 14th - 17th 2022

September will once again be all about jazz in Ravne na Koroskem. The 18th Slovenian Jazz Showcase Festival will offer a diverse range of creative music from various Slovenian bands - from duets to big bands - over three days from September 14 to 17. A rich accompanying program will round off the varied musical happenings. In total, we will be able to listen to as many as 15 concerts, complemented by a photography and art exhibition, a jazz school, and - a month before the festival - an homage to our renowned composer and conductor with the unveiling of a memorial plaque for Mojmir Sepe.

It would be disrespectful to other Slovenian jazz musicians to claim that the festival will present the best the Slovenian jazz scene currently has to offer. However, bands and musicians will grace the stage who, without a shred of doubt, belong to its very top, as they are regular guests not only of ours, but also of eminent foreign stages. The music selection will satisfy die-hard jazz fans, as well as occasional visitors of such events, as the program includes assorted groups - both in terms of the number of musicians, as well as the music they play. We will hear everything from melodic vocals to fierce improvisation, from up-and-coming youth to the legends of Slovenian jazz, from Dixieland to genres indescribable; there will be concerts in the open air, in the hall and in the club … and we could go on and on. Every visitor will be able to find something for themselves - all they need to do is open their ears, listen and hear.

Free tickets for EJN members available upon request.

More info: https://www.jazzravne.si/event_listing_category/18-festival-slovenskega-jazza/