12 Points 2013


12 Points

Venue:Project Arts Centre 

Date / Time:Feb 16 at 

Ticket Price:€ 15/12

Telephone:01 881 9613

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“A compelling showcase of high level creativity from an impressive array of emerging European Jazz talents."

Jazzwise UK, May 2011

One of the most stimulating music gatherings in Europe, the nomadic jazz festival 12 Points comes home to Dublin for 2013, presenting the cream of young European Jazz, February 13th to 16th at The Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

“(12 Points)… festival is all about the freshest, hottest sounds in jazz and contemporary experimental music.”

The Irish Times, February 2012

A unique festival format, 12 Points alternates between Dublin and other vibrant young European cities on alternate years. After the 2012 host edition in Portugal, 12 Points comes home to Dublin, presenting twelve brilliant young bands from across Europe over 4 days, with a diversity and energy demonstrating that the wheels of jazz never stop turning.

Wednesday 13th February

From Helsinki, Mopo

Headed up by a gutsy baritone saxophone, Mopo take us on a freewheeling ride, from speed punk to funky Afrobeat, with occasional flashes of mordant Finnish humour, free blowing and music hall nostalgia.

From Berlin, Olivia Trummer Trio

An unusually versatile artist, excelling at classical and jazz piano, songwriting and singing in both English and German. With bright and engaging music throughout, Olivia comes to Dublin with her Berlin based rhythm section in tow.

From Strasbourg, Ozma

With a colourful performance and explosive sounds, Ozma appeal to a wide audience, dancing halfway between a mutant post-rock noise and a jungle of pop-jazz.

Thursday 14th February

From Geneva, Sarah Buechi's THALi

Sarah Buechi’s THALi have an equilibrium that marries the rhythmic treasures of the Indian sub-continent with a sophisticated Western approach to artful song based structures.

From Gothenburg, Soil Collectors

Something wild and enchanting is at work here, tapping into Scandinavian choral traditions and an open, uncultivated Mother earth, as vocalists Isabel Sörling and Hannah Tolf morph effortlessly from intimate Bjork-like delivery into liberating improv.

From Dublin, OKO

Running the gamut from delicately-sculpted, electro-acoustic shapes, to gritty streetwise funk, bassist Shane Latimer is joined by Shane O'Donovan on drums, Darragh O'Kelly on keys and Djackulate dropping beats on the decks.

Friday 15th February

From Trondheim, Hanna Paulsberg Concept

The combination of tenor saxophonist Hanna Paulsberg's strong, melodic compositions and ensemble interaction create great improvisational freedom. The compositions are deeply rooted in the African American jazz tradition, but with a young Norwegian twist making for fresh and unique expression.

From Thessaloniki, Nikolas Anadolis

This young solo pianist shows an exceptional grasp of piano aesthetics and formidable prowess across all registers of the keyboard, with short form, lucid improvisations that owe as much to Ligeti as they do to Tristano.

From Vienna, Koenig Leopold

Hailing from Vienna, this intrepid drums and synth duo are joint proprieters of some deeply skewed musical theatre on a recessionary budget, shoddily constructed from the discarded remnants of the last fifty years of beat music.

Saturday 16th February

From Rome, Enrico Zanisi Trio

Poetic and reflective in his ballads, buoyant and discursive when the tempo goes up, this is a pianist with an empathy for the trio, evocative of totems like Keith Jarrett and John Taylor, especially when he turns to the old standards.

From Amsterdam, Cactus Truck

Firmly rooted in the Dutch lineage of no-wave bands like The Ex and Scandinavian noiseniks like The Thing, this is not for the delicately disposed. All the volatile materials excluded from polite musical circles are embraced by Cactus Truck with full-blooded gusto.

From Manchester, Beats & Pieces Big Band

This dynamic 14 piece from Manchester are redefining the role of the big band for a new generation, with music that draws on a wide range of influences from Loose Tubes to Radiohead.

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