10th Anniversary of Nusica

The 10th-anniversary party of nusica.org is coming soon: next Sunday, December 12th will be a day full of music with concerts, jam sessions, improvisations, together with some of the artists who took part in the birth of nusica.org, publishing with the label, taking part to the Sile Jazz and Jazz Area Metropolitana festivals and to the many special projects.

A way to relive these ten years together, with a look to the future.

Suoniamoci gli auguri will be sort of "winter festival" together with 22 soloists and ensembles who will alternate on the stages of Villa Guidini in Zero Branco (TV): Michele Bazzanella, Rosa Brunello, Luca Colussi, Luca Dalpozzo, John De Leo, Nicola Fazzini, Alessandro Fedrigo, Roberto Gemo, Matteo, Giordani, Frank Martino, Nicolò Masetto, Andrea Massaria, Franco Naddei, Luca Olzer, Mirko Pedrotti, Muhssin Pizii, Lorenzo Sighel, Saverio Tasca, Marco Trabucco, Max Trabucco, Mirko Pedrotti 5et, XYQuartet. 

The concerts will start at 15.00 (entrance with a contribution of 2 euros) and the party will continue from 20.00 with a toast and a buffet aperitif organized by Bocca di Bacco in Villa (15 euros, booking recommended).

Photo: SILE JAZZ 2021