EJC2024: Concerts

Thursday 12 September 2024


- Nicolas Chkifi (drums, percussion)
- Ann Eysermans (harp)
- Ananta Roossens (violin)
- Christian Mendoza (piano)

Fnussjen is the brainchild of drummer / percussionist Nicolas Chkifi. In this band, he brought together some extraordinary musicians in an unusual line-up: harpist Ann Eysermans, violinist Ananta Roosens, pianist Christian Mendoza and himself on the drums. Their music hovers between the folkloric and the contemporary, yet always with a meditative character, and is presented as a sequence of miniature compositions written by Chkifi and linked together by adventurous improvisations. The tempo is lowered, allowing the listeners to immerse themselves completely in a delicate blend of spiritual chamber music, healing music and jazz. Fnussjen produces a unique and intriguing sound that breaks away from the dystopian aspects of our world. It offers a peaceful aesthetic, at times reminiscent of Arve Henriksen, Thomas Strønen and other artists off ECM Records. Despite its meditative nature, their sound never becomes predictable. Their latest album Breathe (W.E.R.F. Records, 2023) was praised because of its bold, but subtle sound and consistency.

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Camille-Alban Spreng's ODIL feat Nina Kortekaas

- Camille-Alban Spreng (Fender Rhodes + keyboards)
- Nina Kortekaas (keys, voice + fx)
- Sam Comerford (tenor saxophone)
- Tom Bourgeois (alto and soprano saxophone)
- Geoffrey Fiorese (keyboards)
- Paul Berne (drums)

Swiss-born pianist Camille-Alban Spreng trained at various conservatories with renowned players such as Emil Spanyi, Eric Legnini and Kris Defoort. Since 2010, he has been active in a diverse range of bands and projects within jazz, improvised (electronic) music, art performance and theater, and could be seen on stages all over Europe and beyond. Currently, he is an active presence in the colorful Brussels music scene. With his longtime band ODIL, he previously released two albums, connecting with a wide range of musicians from Belgium and abroad, and displaying his knack for unusual, imaginative songcraft. The third album, titled Unheimlich, features vocalist Nina Kortekaas (Noa Lee, Portland, Eefje de Visser), and is a gorgeous, eccentric and iridescent hommage to beat generation poet Allen Ginsberg. It was released in the fall of 2023 on W.E.R.F. Records and eagerly explores the possibilities between contemporary pop and improvised electronic fusion, with influences ranging from a.o.  Jim Black's AlasNoAxis and Deerhoof to John Zorn and Carla Bley.

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Karen Willems - Terre Sol Four

- Karen Willems (drums, percussion, vocals)
- Naomi Sijmons (vocals, elec. guitar, synth, percussion)
- Marc De Maeseneer (baritonsax)
- Vincent Brijs (bariton & tenorsax)

Karen Willems 'Terre Sol Four' delves into the territory between rugged jazz and vigorous rock music, with thundering repetitions, ecstatic cries, and an unstoppable forward thrust. Karen Willems relies on her gut instinct. In her search for the essence of music, she explored pop, jazz, kraut, prog rock, experimental music, avant-garde and free improvisation. Willems’ personal quest - 'Terre Sol' - gained the addition of 'Four,' referring to the number of musicians: Karen Willems (drums, percussion, vocals), Naomi Sijmons (vocals, electric guitar, synth, percussion), Marc De Maeseneer (baritone sax), and Vincent Brijs (baritone & tenor sax). ‘Terre Sol Four’ explores the no man's land between post-rock, minimal jazz, and electronic music and on her new album Juju (out on W.E.R.F. Records in May 2024), the interaction feels even more confident and diverse. The music is infectious as hell, carefully crafted, packs a punch and more accessible than ever before. It’s the sound of an artist always digging deeper with obvious glee and creativity.

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Le Monde Merveilleux de Pepito

- Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (trumpet)
- Simon Groppe (piano)
- Fil Caporali (double bass)
- Oscar Georges (drums)

Le Monde Merveilleux de Pépito is the quartet of trumpeter and composer Pierre-Antoine Savoyat, who recently shared the stage with a.o. AKA Moon and Stéphane Galland & The Rhythm Hunters. This quartet shares his colorful music and reflections on society. Although the beginnings of this universe are rooted in Chalon-sur-Saône in French Burgundy, it truly blossomed within the walls of the legendary Sounds Jazz Club in Brussels. With the help from young musicians/friends based in the Belgian capital - pianist Simon Groppe, bassist Fil Caporali, drummer Oscar Georges -, Savoyat delivers organic and overwhelming music in which improvisation and reinterpretation are always at the service of stories, unique atmospheres and human emotions. The band released their debut Memories from a Winter Journey, an emotional album dedicated to his mother, in the fall of 2023. Newspaper Le Soir immediately recognized the album’s thoughtfulness and intelligence, praising its sincerity.

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Black Flower

- Nathan Daems (saxophones, kaval, washint)
- Jon Birdsong (cornet, conch shells)
- Karel Cuelenaere (keyboards)
- Filip Vandebril (electric bass)
- Simon Segers (drums)

In the course of a decade, Black Flower, led by saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Daems, has released five full-length albums and two EPs. With this quintet, Nathan Daems has developed new systems to combine Ethiopian, Arabic and western scales, chords & harmonies. Inspired by how Balkan music invented intelligent bass lines and effective chord progressions on top of Turkish melodies, he created ways to connect Ethiopian with both Western and Arabic music theory. But the mind alone doesn’t do the trick, there has to be a body/some earth involved in the execution of the art as well. The band collaborated with The Gaslamp Killer and has been featured on various international compilations. Their tours have taken them across continents, while also securing spots at a diverse range of showcase festivals. The international press has embraced Black Flower's distinctive and eclectic blend, often describing their live performances as synergistic, groovy, suspenseful, bewitching, and hypnotic. Their latest album Magma has received rave reviews from both specialized and mainstream media, in Belgium and abroad. 

manager: info (AT) blackflower.be
booker: kati.vandevelde (AT) redcatartists.com
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Friday 13 September 2024

Eve Beuvens 'Lysis'

- Eve Beuvens (piano)
- Lynn Cassiers (vocals & electronics)
- Lennart Heyndels (double bass, electronics)

Inspired by the often humorous and dreamlike poems of Robert Frost and Edna Millay, Eve Beuvens used several of their texts as starting points for new compositions. To interpret them, she needed a voice, but she also wanted an instrumentation that opened new perspectives and stimulated the imagination in a profound way. Straight away, she invited singer Lynn Cassiers (Imaginary Band, Yun, Lilly Joel) and double bass player Lennart Heyndels (Hi Hawaii, Kaja Draksler Octet), who both use electronics in combination with their instruments. The use of electronics blended with acoustic instruments brings a daring, innovative sound to the band. Combined with refined compositions, the music developed a unique character. The musicians create atmospheres that are alternately unsettling or humorous, can introduce introspection or let startling images appear. They recorded the album Lysis in October of 2023, and it will be released early 2025 by Igloo Records. Lysis refers to the biological process of a cell’s membrane breaking down. It is also an illustration of their musical process: transcending boundaries and deconstructing preconceptions to patiently let the unexpected appear.

manager: info (AT) christine-peterges.be
press contact: promo (AT) sowarex.be

Wajdi Riahi Trio

- Wajdi Riahi (piano)
- Basile Rahola (double bass)
- Pierre Hurty (drums)

This trio was founded in Brussels in 2020 by the inseparable Wajdi Riahi (piano), Basile Rahola (double bass) and Pierre Hurty (drums), young musicians united by a strong friendship and involvement in a number of musical projects. The Trio recorded their first repertoire Mhamdeya (named after the Tunisian city where Riahi grew up) at the suggestion of Spanish label Fresh Sound Records. It was released in 2022 and was immediately praised by the Belgian and French press. It also took them to the stages of clubs and festivals during a successful first tour in Belgium and France. The group was selected as one of the finalists of the Young Jazz Talent Ghent 2023 competition as well. In June 2023, the Trio recorded their second repertoire at the legendary La Buissone studio in the South of France. Sophomore album Essia was released at the end of 2023, with several major concerts scheduled for 2024. Stambeli and Gnawa traditions form the basis of this second album, the organic architecture of their (North-) African rhythms merging seamlessly with the complex, dense fabric of jazz.

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- Harrison Steingueldoir (piano)
- Stan Callewaert (double bass)
- Casper Van De Velde (drums, percussion)

Since the release of their debut album Still (2016), Donder has consistently alternated between a trio album and a collaboration with a guest musician. After the most recent quartet album, Het Verdriet featuring Sigbjørn Apeland, the band returns to the core of their ensemble playing. De Wonderen is an ode to the art of the song. Songwriters have always been an inspiration for the band: the music on Keukenpraat (2018) was largely inspired by the songs of Elliot Smith, Molly Drake and Building Instrument, and Het Verdriet (2020) started from Flemish folk songs. On their upcoming album, the song is at the center once again: in addition to covers of Geneviève Artadi and John Lennon, they present compositions built from triads and innocent melodies, and even a song with Norwegian lyrics. Due to the familiar sporadic bursts of sound, rough textures and imperfections, however, De Wonderen never lapses into predictability. The fifth album of Donder will be released later in 2024.

manager: Jens (AT) insidejazz.be
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- Yannick Peeters (double bass)
- Frederik Leroux (guitar)
- Frans Van Isacker (saxophone, clarinet)
- Samuel Ber (drums)

Bass player Yannick Peeters is a household name in the Belgian jazz scene, but while she previously always appeared in other people’s projects, the moment has come to launch her very own project, with a sound that is as daring as it is authentic. Peeters was in search of a more spiritual sound that could take on different forms and strong contrasts, with elements from jazz, rock, avant-garde and improv. Rawness, fragility, lyricism, originality and integrity must be able to coexist. The musicians she invited are all personalities with a vision; creative, stubborn artists that won’t settle for mediocrity. Frans Van Isacker and guitarist Frederik Leroux are among the most idiosyncratic representatives of Belgian jazz and improvisation. Master drummer Tom Rainey is a player swerving between avant-garde notions and mainstream sensibility. The band released its debut album GingerBlackGinger in  January of 2024 on the Belgian W.E.R.F. Records. It is a showcase for their unique sound, combining extensive soundscapes, brief bursts of energy, and mesmerizing grooves. The band will perform with Samuel Ber on drums as a replacement for Tom Rainey.

manager: Jens (AT) insidejazz.be
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Stephane Galland & the Rhythm Hunters

- Shoko Igarashi (tenor saxophone)
- Sylvain Debaisieux (alto saxophone)
- Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (trumpet)
- Wajdi Riahi (piano)
- Louise van den Heuvel (electric bass)
- Stéphane Galland (drums)

Stéphane Galland & The Rhythm Hunters integrate rhythmic principles from different parts of the world into a highly personal language, with polyphonic, groovy and trance-like aspects (Africa), mathematically complex ones (India) and irregular pulsations (Balkans). As such, the project is a sequel to Stéphane’s previous project ’(the mystery of) Kem’. The objective: to explore different approaches to rhythm and to integrate them into a fluid musical discourse. This process requires extensive collective work, so that the whole group becomes familiar with these new rhythmic concepts and challenges. The group consists of young musicians Shoko Igarashi (Japan), alto saxophonist Sylvain Debaisieux (Belgium), trumpet player Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (France), pianist Wajdi Riahi (Tunisia) and Louise van den Heuvel (Netherlands) on electric bass. Drummer Stéphane Galland, a founder of AKA Moon, composed the pieces as divergent musical territories inviting ‘rhythm hunting’. The band’s debut album appeared on Challenge Records in April of 2024. Bring your adventurous ears!

manager: Jens (AT) insidejazz.be
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- Mattias De Craene (reeds/electronics)
- Simon Segers (drums & electronics)
- Lennert Jacobs (drums & electronics)

Tribal voodoo band MDCIII was founded by Mattias De Craene (Nordmann) and creates a sublime crossover, starting from the possibilities of drums and saxophone. Drummers Simon Segers (De Beren Gieren, Black Flower) and Lennert Jacobs (The Germans) have been part of the Belgian pop, jazz and experimental scenes for years, while De Craene has a reputation for being equally at ease in diverse surroundings. Together, they explore a legacy that started with the legendary duo of John Coltrane & Rashied Ali, keeping the spiritual and explorative in a fascinating balance. An eponymous EP and their debut album Dreamhatcher (both 2018) established the band as a powerhouse unit on the Belgian live scene. Sophomore album Drawn In Dusk (2022) further strengthened their reputation as a stronghold in the zone between jazz and experimental music, with a creative use of acoustic and electronic elements, and a sound that comes across as contemporary psychedelia, combining the contemplative, cosmic and epic.

manager: hi (AT) labestia.be
booker: daan (AT) daan.agency
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Vitja Pauwels Early Life Forms

- Frederik Leroux (guitar) 
- Laurens Dierickx (Hammond)
- Casper Van De Velde (drums) 
- Vitja Pauwels (guitar, pedal steel, roncoco)

Early Life Forms is a quartet fronted by Belgian guitarist and sound wizard Vitja Pauwels. In January of 2024, they released their self-titled debut album via W.E.R.F. Records; a stunning, one-off live performance recorded with American guitarist Marc Ribot (Robert Plant, Tom Waits, John Zorn). In 2022, Pauwels was invited as a special guest by the BRAND! Festival in Mechelen, and he came up with the idea of putting together his ‘dream’ live band, which included his hero Marc Ribot, one of the most accomplished and acclaimed guitar players around. Ribot liked what he heard and agreed to perform with Pauwels and his new project Early Life Forms in what would be the band’s first ever live show. Joined by Frederik Leroux (baritone guitar), Laurens Dierickx (Hammond organ) and Casper Van De Velde (drums), Early Life Forms now tours as an adventurous quartet drawing on latin, jazz, cuban, and rock with a touch of exoticism and cinematic explorations, The music cites Ry Cooder, Henry Mancini, Los Lobos, Ennio Morricone and of course Ribot, as key influences. 

manager: vitjapauwels (AT) gmail.com
booker: arno (AT) greenhousetalent.be

Under the Reefs Orchestra

- Clement Nourry (guitars, keyboards)
- Jakob Warmenbol (drums)
- Marti Melia (bass saxophone)

︎Not a large aquatic ensemble, but a sonic-minded power trio capable of obsessive, biting riffs and asymmetrical sonic cycles. Inspired as much by French chamber music of the 19th century as by Jim O’Rourke or Moondog, Under The Reefs Orchestra’s hypnotic music unleashes a cosmic energy and leads the listener to a trance among underwater volcanoes. Guitarist Clement Nourry’s gentlemanly demeanor masks the great fiery passion of a true musical virtuoso. “I focus on one thing, and one thing entirely,” claims Nourry. For him, that one thing is the guitar. Combining the deep theoretical understanding of a skilled mathematician (which he actually is) with a true musician’s soulful instinct, Nourry is as comfortable with John Fahey as he is with experimental jazz. To put it simply: he shreds. This trip through the timeless realms of sound can be heard as a soundtrack of the ecological apocalypse we live in. Swerving between post-jazz, post-rock and experimental music, it touches upon a wide range of influences, from Moondog, The Comet Is Coming and ADHD, to Kamasi Washington, Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden and Ryuishi Sakamoto.

manager: nicolas (AT) capitane-records.net
booker: max (AT) odessamusic.be
press contact: clemenourry (AT) yahoo.fr


- Nabou Claerhout (trombone)
- Gijs Idema (guitar)
- Trui Amerlinck (double bass)
- Daniel Jonkers (drums)

Since 2018, NΔBOU has been a breath of fresh air in the Belgian jazz scene, thanks to their striking line-up and equally unique sound. On the trombone, band leader and composer Nabou Claerhout is looking for a sound all her own: with a diverse range of effects, she creates a dreamy musical framework with a strong atmospheric and melancholic resonance. The quartet N∆BOU already impressed audiences internationally and visited an impressive series of renowned venues and festivals: the foursome has already played at Ancienne Belgique, Gent Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, Handelsbeurs, OLT Rivierenhof, Bimhuis, Transition Festival, Brussels Jazz Weekend, KAAP, Leuven Jazz, and many more. Four star reviews for the band's first full album You Know appeared in De Standaard (BE) and NRC Handelsblad (NL), alongside praise by London Jazz News (UK) and Jazz News Magazine (FR). The quartet will release its anticipated new album in 2025 on W.E.R.F. Records.

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booker: kati.vandevelde (AT) redcatartists.com
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Aleph Quintet

- Akram Ben Romdhane (oud)
- Marvin Burlas (violin)
- Wajdi Riahi (piano)
- Théo Zipper (bass)
- Diogo Alexandre (drums)

Aleph Quintet, which won awards at the Journées Musicales de Carthage in Tunisia and the Prix de la Presse Musicale in France, is one of the revelations of the Brussels music scene. Supported by the Igloo Records label, the group's debut album Shapes of Silence (2023) highlighted the union of these five musicians, bears witness to their roots, and retraces the years of travel during which the collective united around this music. Without imposing borders and driven by their generosity, North-African music blends with jazz improvisation, Gnawa rhythms and Sufi culture. This first album featured two prestigious guests from the Belgian jazz scene: Manuel Hermia and Fabrizio Cassol (AKA Moon). In 2024, the follow-up Shapes of Silence (Live) will be released, recorded in Brussels at Senghor with Belgian saxophonist Fabrizio Cassol and Turkish percussionist Ismail Altunbas. This live recording highlights the expression of a group at the height of its energy after a long tour through Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco and Jordan.

manager: nora (AT) chouetteasbl.be
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Saturday 14 September 2024

Liv Andrea Hauge trio (2024 EJN Zenith Award winner)

- Liv Andrea Hauge (piano)
- Georgia Wartel Collins (bass)
- August Glännestrand (drums)

Originally from Northern Norway, Oslo-based pianist Liv Andrea Hauge leads a trio with two Swedes, bassist Georgia Wartel Collins and drummer August Glännestrand. They were selected for the Footprints Europe programme, and their second album “Ville Blomster” has just been released on Hubro Records. Liv’s compositions focus on groove, simple and singable motifs and exploratory interplay. The music contains playfulness and melancholy in songs that always have a lot of room for improvisation. Hauge has been commissioned to write a major work for trio, three vocalists and full symphony orchestra for the opening of Bodø24 - European capital of culture.

bookings: livandreahaugetrio (AT) gmail.com


- Willem Heylen (guitar)
- Anke Verslype (drums)
- Marjolein Vernimmen (harp)
- Ruben De Maesschalck (bass)
- Joachim Badenhost (reeds)
- Niels Van Heertum (euphonium)

Aki is a jazz collective led by drummer Anke Verslype, the core of the group also including guitarist Willem Heylen, bassist Ruben De Maesschalck, and harpist Marjolein Vernimmen. Their music explores uncomplicated melodies and warm waves of melancholy, all the while allowing improvisation to seep into the interplay and gently impact the way in which their ideas co-exist. As such, aki creates the kind of jazz existing near the axis of alluring cinematic imagery, nostalgia and minimalism. With two previous EPs, Warme Dagen and Niobe, aki already struck a chord in the scene. In the fall of 2022, they surprised audiences with their first full-length Nader, released on the W.E.R.F.-label. This album featured an inspired collaboration with Joachim Badenhorst on clarinet, adding a new dimension to their sound. For their upcoming album and tour, aki once again joins forces with Joachim Badenhorst and invites Niels Van Heertum (euphonium) as an extra guest, further enriching the color palette of their slowly addictive sound and music.

booker: griet (AT) rumoer.be

Orchestra Nazionale della Luna

- Manuel Hermia (saxophones, flute & bansouri)
- Kari Ikonen (piano & moog)
- Sebastien Boisseau (double bass)
- Teun Verbruggen (drums)

Founded by Kari Ikonen (Finland) and Manuel Hermia (Belgium), the Orchestra Nazionale della Luna is a modern quartet rooted in the jazz tradition as well as inspired by all the horizons of our vast world. On top of their piano and saxophone, the moog and the bansuri expand the field of a classic quartet by inviting sounds from Indian and Arabic music, as well as electronic effects. Piano and sax are supported by an intense rhythmic complicity between bassist Sébastien Boisseau (France) and drummer Teun Verbruggen (Belgium), who share with the soloists a knack for rhythmic and melodic jousting. An intoxicating swing rocked by modernism, occasionally with a spiritual depth and an almost Fellinian, quirky humor turns this Orchestra Nazionale della Luna into a unique musical meteorite. Exploring the balance between composition and improvisation, acoustic and electronic sounds, order and chaos, their new repertoire questions the social disruptions caused by new technologies and AI. Their third album will be released in 2024 by both BMC (digital/cd) and Igloo (vinyl).

manager: jackalprod (AT) gmail.com
booker: tinka (AT) tinkasteinhoff.com
press contact: promo (AT) sowarex.be

De Beren Gieren

- Fulco Ottervanger (piano, keys, fx)
- Lieven Van Pée (double bass)
- Simon Segers (drums, fx)

For post-contemporary jazz trio De Beren Gieren, minimalism and explosive energy remain key ingredients that define their interaction. Also, it might be no coincidence that this trio is based in Belgium, the home of surrealism and techno music. De Beren Gieren unites three musicians - Fulco Ottervanger, Lieven Van Pée and Simon Segers - highly active in the European music scene, but it is within this band their versatility flows freely. Their music is multi-layered, improvised and visionary, full of quirky twists and unpredictable turns, always looking for unfamiliar territory to explore. Looking for references? What about Visible Cloaks, Radiohead, Erik Satie and Jon Hassell? In March of 2024, De Beren Gieren released their seventh full album What Eludes Us via Sdban Ultra, receiving multiple four star-reviews in the Benelux and presenting the music on stages in Belgium, the Netherlands and Scotland, a.o. The band will be touring with this new album throughout 2025 and 2026.

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Julien Tassin Quartet

- Julien Tassin (guitar)
- Nicolas Thys (bass)
- Dré Pallemaerts (drums) 
- Hermon Mehari (trumpet)

Sometimes we hold high hopes and great expectations, only to be caught off-guard by life’s unforeseen twists and turns. That is what guitarist Julien Tassin explores on Great Expectations. Ron Miles was slated to be Julien’s special guest for a performance at Bozar (Brussels), where he would have joined his Trio. Sadly, Miles passed away unexpectedly. Despite this tremendous loss, Tassin continued writing music for the project. He then invited American trumpet player Jason Palmer to join his trio. This led to an album with most of the pieces composed in several movements, each reflecting a distinct mood and atmosphere. The surprising twists and turns in the music align with the overarching theme, while maintaining a cinematic undertone. The outcome is an exhilarating combination of blues, jazz and rock. The album was released in November of 2023 on W.E.R.F. & Igloo. Live, the music will be performed by Tassin and his trusted rhythm section - Nicolas Thys (bass), Dré Pallemaerts (drums) - with the American-Eritrean Hermon Mehari (trumpet). Expect a fresh and vibrant sound that showcases the quartet’s endless creativity.

manager: Jens (AT) insidejazz.be
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press contact: Wouter (AT) insidejazz.be


- Hendrik Lasure (keyboards, electronics)
- Casper Van De Velde (drums, electronics)

Schntzl has come a long way. For their earliest music, Hendrik Lasure and Casper Van De Velde drew inspiration from jazz, pop and chamber music, creating songs with an almost childlike simplicity, while their love for outdated synths and purifying approach resulted in poetic and filmic miniatures. Their third album Holiday (2023) marked a bold departure into exhilarating new territories, incorporating elements from frenetic hyperpop and musique concrète reminiscent of Pierre Bastien. The two skilled musicians left the claustrophobic jazz frame behind, surprising everyone along the way with hyper-visu­al pop music from a par­al­lel uni­verse. As they prepare for their upcoming album, they are crafting a live show with immersive sound, navigating the delicate balance between the raw sound of drums (inspired by artists like Still Houseplants, Astrid Sonne and Hudson Mohawke) and hyper-digital synths and electronics (reminiscent of Oneohtrix Point Never, AG Cook, Hannah Diamond, and Giant Claw). In this process, they shed the dated synth sounds and acoustic piano of their previous records, venturing into a futuristic sonic landscape that exudes a darker club experience. 

manager: sam (AT) rockoco.be
booker: daan (AT) daan.agency