2012 EJN Award Winner

The first ever Award was presented to 12 Points at the jazzahead! expo in Bremen, Germany on Friday 20th April 2012. THE FIRST EVER EJN AWARD GOES TO: 12POINTS FESTIVAL!

Celebrating its 25th anniversary year Europe Jazz Network proudly presents the first ever EJN Award 2012 - for Adventurous Programming - Awarded to 12 Points - Innovative Irish jazz festival. 12Points - the annual project conceived and organised by Improvised Music Company of Dublin, Ireland, under the direction of Gerry Godley - is a unique forward-looking concept devoted to presenting 12 young or newly-emerging groups (or solo artists) from 12 European countries who are not yet well-known outside their home territory: www.12points.ie

EJN Award Press release:  EJNAward_Press_release_2012.pdf 

From the left: Gerry Godley, Nod Knowles, Annamaija Saarela, Jon Newey, Filippo Bianchi and Francesco Martinelli. Photographer from jazzahead!: Frank Pusch