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E.g., 2021-10-17
Project From To Line up Agency
Michael Mayo (only Italy) 01/10/2021 30/11/2021 Michael Mayo (voc) Emmeci Srl
Michel Camilo & Tomatito (Europe) 01/10/2021 30/11/2021 Michel Camilo (p), Tomatito (g) Nova Concerts - International Booking Agency
Mike Stern/Bill Evans Band feat. T.Kennedy & N.Vaccaro (except A, D, CH) 01/10/2021 31/10/2021 Mike Stern (g), Bill Evans (sax, p), Tom Kennedy (el. b), Nicolas Vaccaro (dr) Emmeci Srl
New York Voices 01/10/2021 31/10/2021 New York Voices Just Jazz International
Nine Below Zero 01/10/2021 31/10/2021 Nine Below Zero Concertbuero Andy Loesche
Olaf Polziehn Trio 01/10/2021 31/12/2021 Olaf Polziehn Just Jazz International
Patti Austin & Trio/Big Band "Ella now and then" 01/10/2021 30/11/2021 Patti Austin Just Jazz International
Ralf Schmid 01/10/2021 31/12/2021 Ralf Schmid Just Jazz International
Raul De Souza 01/10/2021 30/11/2021 Raul De Souza Just Jazz International
Rudresh Mahantappa Trio (only Italy) 01/10/2021 30/11/2021 Rudresh Mahantappa (sax) a.o. Emmeci Srl
Scott Hamilton Quartet 01/10/2021 31/12/2021 Scott Hamilton Just Jazz International
Sekou Kora Trio 01/10/2021 30/11/2021 Sekou Kouyate (voc, kora), Etienne Kermarc (el. b), Wendlavim Zabsonrè (dr) Emmeci Srl
Spyro Gyra 01/10/2021 30/11/2021 Spyro Gyra Just Jazz International
Sylvie Courvoisier Trio 01/10/2021 30/11/2021 Sylvie Courvoisier (p), Drew Gress (b), Kenny Wollesen (dr) Saudades Tourneen
Take 6 01/10/2021 31/12/2021 Take 6 Just Jazz International
The Count Basie Orchestra dir. by Scotty Barnhart feat. Carmen Bradford 01/10/2021 31/12/2021 The Count Basie Orchestra directed by Scotty Barnhart featuring Carmen Bradford Just Jazz International
The Manhattan Transfer 01/10/2021 31/12/2021 The Manhattan Transfer Just Jazz International
Three Ladies of Blues 01/10/2021 31/12/2021 Three Ladies of Blues Just Jazz International
Till Broenner Quintet (not DE/AT/CH) 01/10/2021 31/12/2021 Till Broenner Just Jazz International
Tom Ibarra (except France) 01/10/2021 30/11/2021 Tom Ibarra (el. g), Lilian Mille (tp), Jeff Mercadiè (ts), Auxane Cartigny (kb), Noè Berne (el. b), Tao Ehrlich (dr) Emmeci Srl