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Ray Anderson's Pocket Brass Band feat. Steven Berstein 01/06/2023 31/08/2023 Ray Anderson (tb), Steven Bernstein (tp, slide tp), José Davila (sousaphone), Tommy Campbell (dr) Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
Craig Taborn Solo 01/06/2023 31/08/2023 Craig Taborn (p) Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
Kari Ikonen "Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions" 01/06/2023 31/08/2023 Kari Ikonen (p) Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
Joakim Berghall's Triality 01/06/2023 31/08/2023 Joakim Berghall (reeds), Kalle Kalima (g), Kari Ikonen (p) Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
SIBA - June 2023 01/06/2023 30/06/2023 Siba - vocals and guitar +++ Mestre Nico - percussion, brass and vocals +++ Aline Falcão - keyboards +++ Rafael dos Santos - drums AKAMU SAS
Bill Stewart Trio 02/06/2023 17/06/2023 Bill Stewart (dr), Walter Smith III (sax), Larry Grenadier (db) United World Music Management
Vadim Neselovskyi - ODESSA 02/06/2023 31/08/2023 Vadim Neselovskyi (p) Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
Tomeka Reid Quartet 06/06/2023 11/06/2023 Tomeka Reid (cello), Mary Halvorson (g), Jason Roebke (b), Tomas Fujiwara (dr) Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
Vadim Neselovskyi - ODESSA 06/06/2023 11/06/2023 Vadim Neselovskyi (p) Ralph Gluch - Jazz Productions
David Krakauer Mazel Tov Cocktail Party 23/06/2023 09/07/2023 David Krakauer (clar, voc), Kathleen Tagg (acc, kb, el. cello), Sarah MK (voc), Yoshie Fruchter (el. g, oud), Jerome Harris (bass guitar), Martin Shamoonpour (daf - Iranian frame drum) Saudades Tourneen
Marc Ribot Ceramic Dog 30/06/2023 13/07/2023 Marc Ribot (g, voc), Shahzad Ismaily (moogs, b), Ches Smith (dr) Saudades Tourneen
HEROES ARE GANG LEADERS 01/07/2023 31/12/2026 Thomas Sayers Ellis - spoken word & James Brandon Lewis - tenor sax and composition with: Randall Horton - spoken word + Bonita Penn - spoken word + Nettie Chickering - vocalist + Melanie Dyer - vocalist and viola + Heru Shabaka-Ra - trumpet + Devin Brahja Waldman - alto sax & synthesizer + Brandon Moses - electric guitar + Jenna Camille - vocals, piano and keyboards + Luke Stewart - electric bass + Warren Trae Crudup III - drums AKAMU SAS
THOMAS SAYERS ELLIS - JAMES BRANDON LEWIS - MELANIE DYER - ALEXIS MARCELO - "The Dead Lecturers" (tribute to Basquiat) - July-August 2023 01/07/2023 31/08/2023 Thomas Sayers Ellis - spoken word +++ James Brandon Lewis - tenor sax +++ Melanie Dyer - viola +++ Alexis Marcelo - piano AKAMU SAS
Michel Camilo 01/07/2023 31/08/2023 Michel Camilo (p) Nova Concerts - International Booking Agency
Jaimie Branch: Fly or Die 01/07/2023 30/07/2023 Jaimie Branch (tp, synth, effects), Lester St Louis (cello), Jason Ajemian (double bass), Chad Taylor (dr) Saudades Tourneen
Basstones All Stars feat. C.M.Doky, R.Brecker, D.Chambers, D.Brown, G.Whitty 01/07/2023 16/07/2023 Chris Minh Doky (ac. & el. b), Randy Brecker (tp), Dean Brown (el. g), George Whitty (kb), Dennis Chambers (dr) Emmeci Srl
Alfredo Rodriguez Trio (D, CH, A) 01/07/2023 31/07/2023 Alfredo Rodriguez (p), Yarel Hernandez (b), Michael Olivera (dr) Uli Fild Concertbuero
Ben LaMar Gay Ensemble 05/07/2023 23/07/2023 Ben LaMar Gay (cornet, synth, voc), Will Faber (g, voc), Matt Davis (sousaphone, voc), Tommaso Moretti (dr) Saudades Tourneen
Ofer Mizrahi Trio 06/07/2023 23/07/2023 Ofer Mizrahi (whale guitar), Mayu Shviro (cello), David Michaeli (b) Saudades Tourneen
Bill Frisell Four 07/07/2023 22/07/2023 Bill Frisell (el. g), Greg Tardy (ts, clar), Gerald Clayton (p, organ), Johnathan Blake, (dr) Saudades Tourneen