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NEC 20/06/2021 31/08/2021 Nicolas Vaccaro (dr), Etienne Mbappé (b, voc), Christophe Cravero (kb, v) Ina Dittke and Associates
Reis Demuth Wiltgen 20/06/2021 31/08/2021 Marc Demuth (b), Michel Reis (p), Paul Wiltgen (dr) Ina Dittke and Associates
Jean-Luc Ponty & Clara Ponty Quartet 01/07/2021 31/12/2021 Jean-Luc Ponty (violin), Clara Ponty (p, el. kb, voc), Nathanel Malnoury (b), Damien Schmitt (dr) Nova Concerts - International Booking Agency
Shakura S'Aida 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 Shakura S'Aida Concertbuero Andy Loesche
Sharrie Williams 01/07/2021 31/08/2021 Sharrie Williams Concertbuero Andy Loesche
Thumbscrew 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 Mary Halvorson (g), Michael Formanek (b), Tomas Fujiwara (dr) Saudades Tourneen
Kenny Garrett (Europe except Italy) 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 Kenny Garrett (sax) plus band Nova Concerts - International Booking Agency
Michel Camilo & Tomatito (Europe) 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 Michel Camilo (p), Tomatito (g) Nova Concerts - International Booking Agency
Kronos Quartet 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 David Harrington (violin), John Sherba (violin), Hank Dutt (viola), Sunny Yang (celllo) Saudades Tourneen
Kris Davis - Diatom Ribbons 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 Kris Davis (p), Val Jeanty (elec.), Tony Malaby (ts), Trevor Dunn (b) Saudades Tourneen
Jaimie Branch - Fly or Die II: Bird Dogs of Paradise 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 Jaimie Branch (tp), Lester St. Louis (cello), Jason Ajemian (b), Chad Taylor (dr) Saudades Tourneen
John Scofield - Yankee Go Home 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 John Scofield (g), Jon Cowerd (p), Vicente Archer (b), Tony Leone (dr) Saudades Tourneen
Dave Douglas/Franco D'Andrea Quartet 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 Dave Douglas (tp), Franco D'Andrea (p), Federica Michisanti (double bass), Dan Weiss (dr) Saudades Tourneen
Joel Ross Good Vibes 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 Joel Ross (vibes), Jeremy Corren (p), Kanoa Mendenhall (b), Jeremy Dutton (dr) Saudades Tourneen
Julian Lage Trio 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 Julian Lage (g), Jorge Roeder (b), Kenny Wollesen (dr) Saudades Tourneen
Bill Frisell Trio feat. Thomas Morgan and Rudy Royston 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 Bill Frisell (g),Thomas Morgan (b), Rudy Royston (dr) Saudades Tourneen
Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog "Hope" 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 Marc Ribot (g, voc), Shahzad Ismaily (perc, utility player), Ches Smith (dr) Saudades Tourneen
Maceo Parker "Soul Food - Cooking with Maceo" (Europe except NL, UK, FR) 01/07/2021 31/07/2021 Maceo Parker (sax, fl, voc), Greg Boyer (tb), Will Boulware (kb), Bruno Speight (g), Rodney "Skeet" Curtis (b), Pete Maclean (dr), Darliene Parker (voc) Basitours
Myra Melford Snowy Egret 02/07/2021 31/07/2021 Myra Melford (p), Ron Miles (cornet), Liberty Ellman (g), Stomu Takeishi (ac. bass guitar), Rudy Royston (dr) Saudades Tourneen
Sonar, featuring David Torn 15/07/2021 15/11/2021 Stephen Thelen, tritone guitar; Bernhard Wagner, tritone guitar; Christian Kuntner, tritone bass; Manuel Pasquinelli, drums; David Torn, electric guitar, live looping and manipulation Lunched Management & Booking