Viktorija Pilatovic The Only Light

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Viktorija Pilatovic

Viktorija Pilatovic The Only Light

From 15 December 2020 to 15 December 2022
Viktorija Pilatovic, Albert Palau, Ales Cesarini, Mariano Steimberg

“The Only Light" is the third record by Viktorija Pilatovic following two previous releases: "Stories" 2017 and "Nica's Blues" 2013. Released by Inner Circle Music all the albums contain original compositions and arrangements by Viktorija, poetic and personal lyrics, lots of vocal harmonies, and virtuosic performance of the band. Albums "The Only Light" and "Stories" recorded in Valencia feature the same musicians who currently form Viktorija Pilatovic quartet: Alberto Palau - piano, Ales Cesarini - double bass, Mariano Steimberg - drums. Both albums feature Perico Sambeat, the renowned Spanish saxophonist. Valencian Institute of Culture nominated "The Only Light" for the category "the best jazz album 2019" and Downbeat Magazine has given it a high 3-star review.

“A copious spring of jazz melodies conceived from various sonorous influences that this contemporary jazz lover applied to her music. Tremendously poetic lyrics. Viktorija's voice: firm, sure, expressive, giving the exact measure - no more, no less - of passions concentrated in her way of singing and in her way of composing, so wise and distinguished. A voice that slides like a seasoned surfer through the melodic waves of the theme. Groovy, innovative, and virtuosic album of this young artist.”
The band has been working together since 2013, sharing 2 studio albums and many performances in legendary jazz clubs and festivals in Spain.

Viktorija Pilatovic​ - Lithuanian jazz vocalist, composer, educator, recording artist for Inner Circle Music. Resident in Valencia, Spain she is actively performing and teaching at the Voice department at Berklee College of Music and various International jazz seminars. Owns a Masters in Music from Berklee College of Music and was awarded a Full Scholarship and Excellence award. For 3 years lived in Quito, Ecuador teaching at Berklee Global Partner school. Viktorija’s voice sounds on “Voces” the latest big band album of a renowned Spanish saxophone player Perico Sambeat. As a student and later as a professional Viktorija performed and collaborated with artists such as Victor Wooten, Danny Grissett, Abraham Laboriel, Victor Mendoza, John Clayton, J.D. Walter, Perico Sambeat, Ralph Peterson, Alex Sipiagin, David Berkman, Don Braden, Jeff Cascaro, Joris Teepe, Freddie Bryant, Gene Jackson, Robin Eubanks, Polo Orti. Her quintet opened for Chris Dave and Drumheadz at Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival with artists such as Wallace Roney and Ravi Coltrane.

Albert Palau​ - The Valencian native pianist, gained recognition in the United Kingdom playing with Charles McPherson, Dick Oatts, Jean Toussaint, Peter Bernstein, and others. Graduate of Berklee College of Music and the Royal Conservatory in London and was given national recognition, scholarships, and awards.

Alessandro Cesarini​ - born in Rome and now resident in Valencia, autodidact bass player professionally playing many styles of music [Jazz, African music, Argentinian folk, flamenco, reggae, contemporary, electronica, Latin jazz] touring with artists such as Bitty Mclean, Big youth, Kiddus I, Perico Sambeat, Greg Hopkins, Alpheus, Dave barker, Spanish Brass and recorded albums with Elma Sambeat, Thais Morell, The X, Kontxi Lorente, etc.

Mariano Steimberg​ - Argentinian drummer, percussionist, got his formation in Los Angeles, the “Musician’s Institute’ [PIT]. Since 1997 living in different places of the world, touring and recording with various musicians.