Sonar, featuring David Torn

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Sonar, featuring David Torn

From 01 July 2024 to 01 July 2025
Stephen Thelen, tritone guitar; Bernhard Wagner, tritone guitar; Christian Kuntner, tritone bass; Manuel Pasquinelli, drums; David Torn, electric guitar, live looping and manipulation

"If writing about music has been compared to "dancing about architecture," Sonar has always been a particular challenge to nail down. All the touchstones, harmonic and rhythmic definers help in appreciating what Sonar is about, as the band takes its multifarious conceptual components and expands upon them further, it seems, with each successive album. David Torn's invaluable assistance drives the band even further, challenging its own complex modus operandi and, consequently, creating its very best record to date. If Sonar has proven anything from the very start, it's that it has a sound that may reference many things but is ultimately all its own. One listen to even just a minute or two from Vortex and it becomes crystal clear that, in the 21st century, few groups have emerged as incomparable, innovative and imaginative as Sonar."

       - John Kelman, All About Jazz

Imagine a magical new David Bowie record without vocals. Imagine Tangerine Dream married to Metallica. Better still, seek out this band's record and hear for yourself; they've created a sound uniquely their own!    Sonar/Torn "Waves and Particles"