Rodrigo Amado The Attic

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Rodrigo Amado The Attic

From 11 March 2020 to 21 March 2020
Rodrigo Amado tenor sax; Gonçalo Almeida double bass; Onno Govaert drums

Rodrigo Amado tenor sax; Gonçalo Almeida double bass; Onno Govaert drums

Originally the meeting between Gonçalo Almeida, Rodrigo Amado and Marco Franco, three influential figures of the Portuguese improvised music scene, The Attic has evolved to include Dutch drummer Onno Govaert, a crucial member of the Amsterdam jazz scene and part of the youngest generation of European improvised music. 

The Attic’s debut on Lithuanian No Business Records (2017) was highly acclaimed by critics and listeners all over the world, being object of numerous reviews and appearing on several Best of The Year lists, including several entries for the NPR 2017 Critics Poll. Set between free jazz, improvisation and real time composition, the music recovers different elements from the jazz tradition, reconfiguring them in vibrant in-the-moment improvised songs, building and developing a fluid dialogue between the three musicians.

Second album ‘Summer Bummer’ was recorded during the festival with that name in Antwerp, August 2018.

“Together, they may define an essential free jazz: their music is direct, emotionally and structurally focused and absolutely alive to the performance situation and the possibilities of new expressive ground. Eschewing formal compositions, The Attic achieves free jazz with structure and economy that approach Sonny Rollins’ Freedom Suite, just about the most structured and economical music that comes to mind. This is wholly realized music that deserves to be widely heard.” - Stuart Broomer, Point of Departure

“This is a record that draws the history from the true masters of the 60s into our time… a trio that should be worn around Europe on a gold chair and presented to anyone who has the least interest in improvised music, as part of some form of travel.” - Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts

“By the end, he’s making like Pharoah Sanders at his most blissful, giving a spiritual jazz sermon from some holy mountain.” - Stewart Smith, The Quietus