Paal Nilssen-Love New Brazilian Funk

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Paal Nilssen-Love New Brazilian Funk

From 15 October 2020 to 01 November 2020
Paulinho Bicolor BR (cuíca), Felipe Zenicola BR (electric bass), Kiko Dinucci BR (electric guitar), Frode Gjerstad N (alto saxophone), Paal Nilssen-Love N (drums).

Imagine a meeting between Ornette Coleman’s electric band and Hermeto Pascoal. Very electric, danceable, wild and rapid-changing grooves and clear links and references to samba, samba rock and Brazil´s musica nordeste. 

The band met and played their first concert at Roskilde Festival, performing at Gloria stage in front of a enthusiastic audience of 2000 people, shaking their bodies and dancing through the course of the 50 minute concert. 

The concert was part of Nilssen-Love´s three day “carte blanche” and the concert in its entirety is being released on PNL Records, early spring of 2019.

Despite the title, New Brazilian Funk doesn’t have much funk except for Dinucci’s line of jagged electric  guitar riffs in “The Fruit of the Lemon” and the electric bass of Felipe Zenicola. [The approach is] a free-for-all yet with more ebb and flow, identifiable rhythm(s) and an urgent impetus driving the wailing skronk of  Norwegian alto saxophonist Frode Gjerstad. Paulinho Bicolor’s voice-like cuica provides Brazilian undertones and the ensemble playing has a punk-jazz feel. Nilssen-Love is a perfect team player, taking almost no solos, the spark plug that drives the sonic engine, supporting and stimulating the international cast of players (NYC jazzrecord)