Olszewski BACH Trio

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Olszewski BACH Trio

From 01 April 2018 to 31 December 2021
Piotr Olszewski (guitar), Mirosław Wiśniewski (bass, double bass), Jacek Pelc (drums)

Olszewski BACH Trio(…) ”Olszewski BACH Trio” is a great musical concept, in addition very well produced and above all – a record made with heart, soul, elegance and culture, which is a rarity nowadays.(…)  Piotr Olszewski  has excellently sensed that the great music of J.S.Bach is an extremely delicate material, which you have to treat with a great respect, at the same time adding the elements, which cover the whole in a tasty jazz dressing without ruining its noble taste. (…)

(…) Olszewski is a mature artist, an outstanding guitarist with a beautiful tone and a clear musical phrase. Guitar solos are well-thought-out, logical and very stylish, but more importantly- to the point. It`s a rarity in the present world when a guitarist does not play hackneyed licks, (…) but improvises with a melodic phrase. That`s the only way to cope with the music of J.S.Bach in order not to mutilate it, but to show it from a different perspective. Congratulations, Piotr! You did a great guitar job.

(…) A sensational and as usual super creative drummer  Jacek Pelc  is delighting us on this record with virtuosity, articulation and sonorism. (…) Finally, a double bass player and bass guitarist –  Mirosław Wiśniewski . An outstanding and real bassist with a beautiful tone and absolute understanding of his instrument`s role. (…) Mirek impresses us with calmness and mysterious energy, which is being released in absolutely right moments.

Jarek Śmietana, TOPGUITAR, February 2010

Piotr Olszewski (guitar) Mirosław Wiśniewski (bass, double bass), Jacek Pelc (drums)
Piotr Olszewski (guitar) Piotr Olszewski (guitar)

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