Mediterranean Tales

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Mediterranean Tales

From 12 November 2022 to 31 December 2023
Pasquale Stafano (piano), Gianni Iorio (bandoneon)

The cinematic story-telling is the very core of Mediterranean Tales. 

After their highly acclaimed 2016 debut album as a duo, Nocturno released by German label Enja Records, Pasquale Stafano and Gianni Iorio widen the scope of music even further. The duo sings in a unique voice of its own, creating their soundscape with original compositions, free improvisations and great interplay, drawing upon classical contemporary music to the jazz with hints of folk and pop music with the toutching mediterranean melody always in the center. 

The "mare nostrum" is the main core of their "Mediterranean Tales", which is also the album released by Enja Records; from a "Secret Sun Dance"  inspired by the alternation of sunrise and sunset in the south of Italy to the hidden dreams of a dreamer met in Portugal to the "Landscapes" captured by the window of the train, giving emotions to the listener and creating new interesting and original music that touches in the depths of the soul.


“It is a very high-level artistic project that deserves the attention of all music lovers ".
Luis Bacalov – Oscar Award for “The Postman”

" A chamberesque elegance and precision pervades Iorio and Stafano's music, with contrapuntal lines an almost constant feature of their diaolgs. [...] The music's charms, however, are the sum of its parts, and it's in the duo's deep chemistry where the real magic lies."  

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