Kekko Fornarelli

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Kekko Fornarelli

From 12 September 2018 to 12 September 2020
Kekko Fornarelli - Dario Congedo - Federico Pecoraro


Dear Sirs and Ladies,

I am Paola Renna from Eskape, the music productions company working with Kekko Fornarelli, an Italian jazz musician you probably know, having performed more than 200 concerts and sold thousands of copies in 35 countries over the last four years.

We are actually working on the 2018/19 World Tour Scheduling about Abaton, the new album by Kekko Fornarelli, released last March 9th. 
Kekko Fornarelli (Bari, 1978) – pianist, composer and producer.

With four albums released and more than 200 concerts in 35 Countries around the world over the past five years, Kekko Fornarelli returns to the International music scene with two new projects and a new music productions company, Eskape.
Meeting Kekko Fornarelli today and let your emotions to dance with his music, is an experience coloured of truth and beauty. The one of liquids smiles, ok kind gestures, of silent and passionate dialogues at the same time that Kekko opens with the audience at each performance, where his notes are offered to the sensitivity of listening souls. In the story of a life born for music and that today restarts from music - after a year of intimacy - more mature, visionary and determined than ever.