João Guimarães Quartet

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João Guimarães Quartet

From 01 March 2019 to 30 November 2019
João Guimarães (sax) Travis Reuter (guitar) Marcos Cavaleiro(drums) Demian Cabaud(bass)

João Guimarães has since marked his musical career by collaborating with different artists, different branches of music, playing in multiple projects of prominence, also for a solid academic career and presentations to the regular public.

In addition, he always maintains a project of leadership of his, sometimes in a quintet, trio, octet and, more recently, this quartet, which counts on a very special collaboration on the part of the North American guitarist Travis Reuter, and his colleagues musicians Marcos Cavaleiro on drums and Demian Cabaud on bass.

The collaboration between the saxophonist João Guimarães and the American guitarist Travis Reuter has been more than 10 years since the saxophonist of Porto was in New York for an extended stay, the period in which they met.
In 2009 João Guimarães studied at the Manhattan School of Music where he completed his Master's of Music degree in 2011. Also at this moment Travis Reuter was present musically and participated in the final recital of João Guimarães.

During 2009 and 2012, when he lived in New York, João Guimarães led a group that Travis was always part of. João Guimarães's group performed at iBeam, Spike Hill in Brooklyn and Shrine in Harlem.
Already in Portugal, João Guimarães records and releases his first ZERO album, in octet, of which Travis Reuter is also part (TOAP, 2014), with three other musicians residing in New-York and four important musicians well established in the portuguese music scene. This album was considered by Ipsilon, Publico as one of the best albums of the year 2014.
In recent years, João Guimarães Quartet, with Travis Reuter, Demian Cabaud and Marcos Cavaleiro, also explores an attempt to cross the musicians of the two cities, Porto and New-York.

The bonds between the musicians have been consolidated and strengthened, establishing what João Guimarães has always set out to do in a solid way: to connect the two worlds, so that new fruits can be born.
Video sample:
Quarteto João Guimarães @ Hot Club Portugal (vídeo)
Contact for concerts:
Nuno Borges
+351 969 013 774