Jarrod Lawson - 'Be The Change' Tour 2021

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Jarrod Lawson - 'Be The Change' Tour 2021

From 01 May 2021 to 31 July 2021
Jarrod Lawson (vocals & keyboard) - Chris Friesen (bass) - Trent Baarspul (guitar) - Cory Limuaco (drums)

Whether he sings and plays funk, folk, R&B, rock or jazz, everything Jarrod Lawson touches turns to soul. Now the singer-songwriter-keyboardist is back with his long-awaited second album Be The Change on Dome Records.

His self-titled debut album came in 2014 just as he began to cause a major stir on the scene. His heartfelt blend of soul and jazz marked the album out as one of the most significant and award-winning albums of the 21st century.
Jarrod Lawson - vocals & keyboard
Trent Baarspul - guitar
Chris Friesen - bass
Cory Limuaco - drums