IVO PERELMAN - BARRY GUY - RAMON LOPEZ - September-October 2024

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IVO PERELMAN - BARRY GUY - RAMON LOPEZ - September-October 2024

From 15 September 2024 to 31 October 2024
Ivo Perelman - tenor sax, Barry Guy - double bass, Ramon Lopez - drums

Ivo Perelman - Barry Guy - Ramon Lopez

Ivo Perelman - tenor sax
Barry Guy - double bass
Ramon Lopez - drums and tabla
«We can't get enough of it, it's really the top-notch of this totally improvised free free-jazz. Faced with the marvelous sounds of the tenor sax, by turns velvety, spiraling, ethereal, with harmonics stretched to the point of a cry modulated by magic, the double bassist solicits all the nuances of friction with the bow pushed to the sublime and this percussion of the wood of the bow on all the angles of the vibrating strings. Listen to him carefully, he has no equal... power and delicacy often on the edge of silence. And the percussionist at the pure service of what is happening in a refined approach and a sense of permanent dynamics from proliferation to erasure. A perfect success».
Improv and Sound on "Interaction"

«This album is an instant classic. The twenty tracks which comprise "Interaction" are nothing short of a tour de force, a rhythmically and musically diverse combustible interplay between three virtuosos. Each track has its own character and musical ambience, and even though the spontaneity of each composition is clear, each remains unique in its emotional and cerebral context, making this an album of substantial merit».
Don Phipps, Free jazz Blog

«Three great musicians in communion. The interactions that emerge from this are especially interesting because they bear the marks of an entire history of the development of free jazz».
jazz.pt on "Interaction"