David Dower Trio (AUS/UK)

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David Dower Trio (AUS/UK)

From 20 September 2019 to 20 September 2022
David Dower (Piano), Luke Fowler (Bass) and Matt Fisher (Drums)

The energy of the David Dower Trio seems to almost leap off the stage; the music is an exciting, rhythmic blend of jazz and ‘alternative pop’ influences. This results in an inimitable listening experience that is accessible to a wide variety of audience. With this trio, there are no holds barred; risks are taken and laughter is compulsory. The unique interaction between the musicians often verges on telekinetic. All of this centres on Dower’s well-crafted compositions that sound simultaneously fresh and familiar.
“Strong melodies, beautiful harmonies and rhythmic drive” – All About Jazz Magazine (4 star review)
“A sense of genuine enjoyment!” – Kind of Jazz Magazine (4 star review)
“Tasteful, textured and considered” - Julian Joseph (BBC3 Radio)

Dixie Jazz Fest 2019, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria: https://youtu.be/3N--Upgcrzo
International Jazz Festival Bansko 2018, Bulgaria: https://youtu.be/lwvBlSiAw0E

Website: http://www.daviddowermusic.com/
Bandcamp: https://daviddowertrio.bandcamp.com/