Bipolar Order

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Bipolar Order

From 08 July 2020 to 31 July 2023
Mateusz Chorążewicz (saxophone), Jakub Żołubak (guitar), Maciek Wojcieszuk (drums), Rafał Hajduga (bass)

Bipolar Order is a Polish jazz band based in Warsaw, formed in 2018 by saxophonist Mateusz Chorążewicz and guitarist Jakub Żołubak. The group’s repertoire consists of original compositions of both musicians inspired by Slavonic and Scandinavian folk and contemporary jazz music.

The band’s uniqueness results from a conception in which each instrument is treated equally, what emphasizes the unity and coherence of the music. The group's debut album was released in autumn 2019.

Bipolar Order feat. Kądziela, Namysłowski, Baszyński (Virtual Band) – The Lockdown:
Bipolar Order - Apartment for Sale | Six Seasons | 21.11.2019:
Bipolar Order - Duality (Official Album Teaser):