Stoikos Pantelis

STOIKOS PANTELIS .... Mr. STOIKOS Pantelis first got acquainted with music in 1990 studying music and piano ... In 1994, he takes his first courses on the trumpet along with his piano lessons and in 1996 he moves to Thessaloniki in order to continue his studies at the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki and Institute for Preparatory Music Education – Member of the European Union of Music Schools (EMUS)... During his stay in Thessaloniki, he studied advanced theoretics and he was granted with the Degree on Harmony and Counterpoint. He also attended the graduate class on trumpet under the surveillance of his professor Tasos Giamouridis. He attended seminars of top trumpet virtuosos such as Gerasimos Ioannidis, Anthi Sokrati and Allen Vizzutti. Moreover, he attended the seminar and music laboratory of Ivo Papazov on “The revival of traditional music through the spirit of jazz”..