Zorlu PSM Jazz Festival


Zorlu Performing Arts Center (Zorlu PSM) is the leading arts&culture venue at Istanbul, Turkey. Since it’s opening in 2013, Zorlu PSM continues to present the legendary names and exceptional emerging talents across the world. Throughout 6 seasons, the venue reached more than 2,5 million people. We host more than 1200 events a year; including international musicals, theatre plays, and concerts of almost every genre; from jazz to rock, metal to techno, classical to traditional. We have 7 different stages of different capacities (from 3200 people to 700) that are almost busy everyday! We even have an intimate comedy and jazz club called Touché that opened last year and developed its own fans immediately. (120 people max.) We curate and organise our own festivals including Sonar Istanbul, Mix Festival, Neue!Step and PSM Jazz Festival. More than 150 people works at the Zorlu PSM to present the best in music and arts.

At Zorlu PSM we regularly host national and international jazz concerts throughout the season. However, the PSM Jazz Festival is our main statement about jazz. Since 2017; the festival grows every year. The third edition in 2019, was spanned to 5 weeks, hosting 45 artists and reaching to 45.000 people. The festival sold more than 30.000 tickets. Its motto is “the jazz festival of every music” and has an unique programme that unites jazz with blues, electronic, ethnic, funk, indie, classic, pop and rock. As it is open to genre crossing, it is open to artists from all over the world.

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