Zaman Production

14 Rue de l'Atlas


For more than 10 years now Zaman Production has been organizing  international artistic tours and offering performances of traditional music and dance all over the world. The love of travelling and of artistic discovery has always been at the centre of our work.

Aided by an international network of musicologists, travellers and specialists, we explore the sources from which different types of music spring; from the Middle Atlas Mountains to the shores of the Mekong, from Samarkand to the Thar desert, our aim is to show you the most wonderful artists, the most representative of their genre,  and seen in a variety of different ways: popular concerts, sacred music and art, interdisciplinary creations, performances for the young... Our team’s experience in organizing events and tours is known and appreciated by the most famous cultural institutions in Europe and in the world: every year we collaborate with the Cité de la Musique in Paris, the Barbican in London, the Cankarjev in Ljubliana, the World Music Insitute in New York, the world festival of sacred music in Fes or again Peter Gabriel’s Womad festival in England…

 It is essential to listen with perception and admiration to the different types of music of the modern world in order to understand the spirituality of the world we live in. But a man cannot understand the world alone. We humbly hope our work will help to illuminate this quest for the impossible.