Yordan Kostov ensemble


Yordan Kostov is a Macedonian musician, accordionist, pianist, composer, improviser, arranger and producer. He belongs to the generation of young Macedonian artists who has overcome challenges and fears of conventional creative communication with the global world, creating his own unique expression that persistently defy the forms of commercial music. Mostly free in his musical forms, the avant-garde music of this versatile composer and accordionist, moves within the frames of jazz and world music, at the same time nurturing the influence of the classical middle age masters, and keeping the connection with the Macedonian music including its exotic scales and rhythms. Performing in different formations including “Ensemble Moderna”, “Svirci iz Kavadarci” and “Starowski”, his path has taken a new direction, back in 2013, with his participation and artist residency in a Swiss /Chinese program for initiative in culture and art “Swatch Art Peace Hotel” in Shanghai. This project resulted with two hours of new original music. This is only one part of Yordan Kostov’s nomadic musical adventure that lasts until today, sporadically interrupted by short stays in his native Macedonia. He has been always living and working as a world citizen - providing value to society by using knowledge acquired across cultural contexts, acting like a traveler who is connecting cultures and supporting art. The Yordan Kostov Ensemble’s performance at 40. Skopje Jazz Festival is a live premiere of their new album "Intertwining a Fugue", the latest release of SJF Records.

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