World Music Forum NL

Frans Halsstraat, 79h

World Music Forum Netherlands (WMFNL) was founded in the summer of 2006 as an open source network for the Dutch world music sector. It is a non-profit foundation under Dutch law. WMFNL is the official representative for the Dutch world music sector both nationally and abroad. This network functions as an easily accessible platform for musicians, labels, distributors, venues, media and educational institutions to advance and promote Dutch World music both domestically and abroad.

Main activities are:
• Consulting
• Promotion of the Dutch world industry nationally and abroad
• Research & Policy Development
• World Blend Café network meetings

Crossovers are the trademark for both jazz and world music. Two musical scenes that foster each other but also inject innovative impulses into classical and pop. Like the A- and B-side of a vinyl disc Dutch jazz and world were already close from the early days, both strongly influenced by the former Dutch colonies of Indonesia, the Dutch Antilles and Suriname. Besides hosting a world famous jazz festival (North Sea Jazz, Rotterdam), the largest Eurasian festival (Tong Tong, The Hague) and the hottest electronic dance event (ADE, Amsterdam) on the globe, The Netherlands offer a delta full of crossovers in a nutshell. WMFNL aims to strengthen and stimulate connections between world, jazz and other genres both nationally and abroad.