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Nicolás Ospina is one of the artists represented by Uonset

Nicolas is one of the most virtuous musicians in the current music scene in Colombia. He is a singer/songwriter, arranger, composer and a skillful pianist; he can also do overtone singing. Formed originally as a jazz musician, his compositions go from delicate piano to Colombian melodies and rhythms, all condensed in clever lyrics that match with the music in harmony. 
Nico reached fame across latinamerica for being one of the creators of a 10 million YouTube video called "Que difícil es hablar el español" (How hard is to speak Spanish) from his parallel music-comic duo with his brother, Inténtalo Carito (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xyp7xt-ygy0)

Some of Nico's work include collaborating with Colombian Jazz Maestros Antonio Arnedo and Juan Sebastián Monsalve; pianist and arranger for Latin Grammy Award Winner Fonseca, recorded and collaborated with Guillermo Klein (Argentina) and produced for Melina Moguilevsky (Argentina). His latest recording is a multicultural blend featuring Snarky Puppy's Marcelo Woloski in percussion and Banda Magda's Andrés Rotmistrovsky (Bass) from Argentina, Sofía Ribeiro from Portugal in vocals, Juancho Herrera (Venezuela) in cuatro, Magda Giannikou (Greece) in accordion, Ismail Lumanovsky (Macedonia) in clarinet and Ignacio Hernández also from Argentina in guitar. The music from this record has already been presented in important spaces as Camberra and Melbourne (Australia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sao Paulo (Brazil), New York City (U.S) and Bogotá (Colombia), among other cities. 

Nicolas has been selected for Circulart 2017 Official Showcase (part of the WOMEX World Tour) in Medellín, Colombia.