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Unijazz - sdružení pro podporu kulturních aktivit

Unijazz is an association that operates under this name since 1987 and is one of the successors of former Jazz Section. It brings together people interested in music a variety of genres, if possible, in context and in relation to other cultural areas. It has cca thousand member's base in Czech Republic and Unijazz helps its members with realizing of their cultural projectsactivities Unijazz.

Unijazz activities

Since 1991 Unijazz is publishing an uncommercial monthly magazine UNI, which is oriented mostly on young, more particular readers. Music, mostly rock, jazz and contemporary (music) makes more than an half of its content. It also contains reviews of new CDs released in Czech Republic and abroad.

Unijazz yearly organizes two big festivals – Boskovice and Alternativa since 1993.

Music festival in Moravian city Boskovice is focused on saving and restoring of local Jewish quarter. There are going many musical groups of different genres introduced – rock, jazz, classical and folk music – and many theatre performances and movie shows are taking place. Exhibitions are also part of the festival. Performances are taking place in an open air amphitheatre, in the ruins of a local castle, in synagogue and other places.

Festival Alternativa is a display of alternative and experimental music in international context. It takes place regularly on November in Prague. 

Unijazz instituted, not only for its members but also for public, a Reading Room in Prague since 1997. Regularly take place here various club events: disc session, author´s reading, film projections, exhibitions... and the Reading Room library contains books, magazines and other publications focused on different cultural fields, mostly on music. 
Since February 2004, Unijazz runs its own space Kastan in Prague. This building with a rich and turbulent history is the cultural center of this Prague district and offers various genres of music concerts, theater performances and film screenings for children and adults, talks, lectures... Part of the Kastan are Popmuzeum and Atelier Kaštan.