Tree Lawn Artists

1948 Ellis Street
CA 94115
San Francisco,
United States

IF you're talking about amazing artists to agents who know their stuff and are ready to make things MUST be on the TREE LAWN!

TREE LAWN ARTISTS, INC. is a new booking agency founded by veteran agent Eric Hanson, who has worked with artists ranging from Nina Simone and John Lee Hooker to Chick Corea and Wynton Marsalis.  It is an agency designed to provide superior service to both the artists it represents and the promoters it services, a service level made possible by its small roster size and the focus and dedication of its founder and associates.  Combining cutting-edge technologies with throw-back business values, Tree Lawn is a breath of fresh air in the entertainment business.  

Tree Lawn was chosen as the agency's namesake for nostalgic reasons, since it harkens back to its founder's roots in Cleveland, OH (where the term, defined below, is commonplace), and since it serves as a metaphor for the agency as an intersection of private and public spaces (artists bringing personal music to audiences) and also as a place where the yet-to-be-discovered or recognized can flourish. Tree Lawn is deep.

* A tree lawn, also called a nature strip or devil's strip, is a small area, often planted with trees and grass, between the street and sidewalk. Most often found in suburbs, tree lawns are public property; however, upkeep of a tree lawn is the responsibility of the property owner.