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Born in Istanbul Senem Diyici started practicing singing at the age of 4 Others were recruited to 6 years in the choir of the Turkish national radio. After three discs recorded in the course of 70 years and a career in Turkey recognized in the field of Ottoman and traditional classical music, she moved to France in 1982,

In 1987 she met guitarist and composer Alain Blesing and this first collaboration will lead to a first album «Takalar» sextet recorded with include percussionist Okay Temiz. In 1991, eager to return to more acoustic colors, it forms the Senem Diyici 4tet.

After 5 albums all rewarded by critics and many international tours (France, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Tunisia, Israel, Poland, ....), and to transcribe an extraordinary presence on stage,the band released in 2007 a live DVD («Live at the Satellit Café» Buda Music / WMP).

While working with the 4tet, Senem Diyici founded in 1999 the Ottoman Trio (vocals, ud and violin) on the repertoire of court of the former Ottoman Empire and in 2002 the band «Octobando» devoted to Turkish-Balkan music.

In 2002 and 2003 she also worked in duet with the pianist Jean-Marie Machado and since 2001 she is regularly invited in Turkey on recording projects and concerts (Okay Temiz, Turco Roman Projekt, ...). Recent years have been devoted to a deepening of her work in duet with Alain Blesing. After 20 years of working together, these two artists offer an exceptional musical relation fed by their amazing capacity of improvisers.

In late 2008, Senem Diyici initiated the trio «Lyricism» a singing trio-violin-cello is devoted to classical Turkish nineteenth and twentieth century. This project was included in a version for full orchestra in January 2011, under the direction of Cihat Askin.

In 2011, she recorded a new album in Istanbul («Dila Dila») with a new version of 4tet (vocals, guitar, trumpet and drums), The «Mavi Yol 4tet».

In addition to a stage presence full of energy and emotion, Senem Diyici develops into an amazing set of concert percussion instruments or she confronts from very different cultures (India, Africa, Far East, Scandinavia, ...) to devices over existing sound generation (samplers, loopers).

Also concerned with the transmission and teaching she hosted for many years in France and Turkey courses and workshops on vocal techniques and more recently around the shamanic ritual music.