OLMUSIC focuses on the promotion of artists who contribute to the diversity of Middle Eastern music. No matter the musical genre (A cappella, Jazz, Balkan, Yemenite, Ladino, Arabic, Israeli, cantorial music, Jewish) we bring to your festivals, clubs, communities and holidays the most promising artists with various ethnic backgrounds from the musical spectrum of the Middle East.


OLMUSIC promises to you a unique solution through a unique combination. Originally from two completely different home countries we took the best from both sides to create a music agency which fits exactly to our own background, connecting Orient with Occident.

In the Middle Eastern way we work closely together with our artists in a personal manner and believe in each one of them. We consult with them the promotional part and designing of the shows, their marketing, the appearance on the stage and the wanted message. Our professional service combines Oren's unique Middle Eastern "straightforwardness" with Lena's Western European organization. Through our experience in promotional management and vast researches of music venues (clubs, festivals, Jewish institutions, cultural institutions and embassies in all the world) we achieved to have an incredible database of contacts in the today's music scene. On top of this we travelled ourselves as choreographers half of the world and built an art network of both consistence and quality. We can offer you unique solutions, rare musical genres and brilliant artists with unparalleled creations.


Oren Ashkenazi, originally from Haifa (Israel), holds a degree of art education and event management from the Wingate Institute in Israel. He worked for many years in Jewish communities all around the world as artistic manager of various events and created cross cultural projects together with Jewish, Muslim and Christian citizens. In the last two years he cooperated together with Lena with the Swiss music agency Intermusic.

You can benefit from Oren's vast knowledge of the Middle Eastern music scene, his extensive networking and his ability to speak in English as well as in fluent Hebrew.

Lena Ashkenazi, originally from Berne (Switzerland), holds 2 master degrees (theatre, history) and worked for many years in cultural institutions including the Swiss artist booking agency www.intermusic.ch. On top of this since the age of six she herself plays classical violin. Since 2009 located in Israel, she was doing the booking for the Middle East and started together with Oren their own artist agency based on their many contacts to Middle Eastern musicians. Since 2012 both Lena and Oren live in Switzerland as well as Israel and use the connections on both sides.

You can benefit from Lena's ability in around 6 languages, her Swiss organizational talent and the very fast answering.Oren & Lena Ashkenazi

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