Nesma Music


Nesma Music is an independent producer and distributor of music and dance with a focus on Arabic music, oriental and Andalusian dance, with its activity also including other genres such as jazz and flamenco.

Since we were established in Madrid, Spain in 2003, our project has dealt with the promotion and the diffusion of the richest tradition of Arabic music to the whole world. We encourage all the possibilities that arise to integrate it with other musical styles and cultures. In doing this, we support the development of our artists’ careers.
We focus all our effort and creativity on meeting the highest level of excellence in our products, both in terms of their artistic content and in the quality of production and presentation.

In Jazz we collaborate with talented musicians and bands based in Spain, to help them develop their projects at an international level. The artists we work with include the renowned pianist Moisés P. Sánchez, the young Chilean pianist Jorge Vera and the Egyptian guitar player Ali Khattab, among others.