Nelson Music Spain

Calle Jesus Cautivo


About the Nelson Music Academy


The Nelson Music Academy offers a totally new holistic approach to teaching music, dance and theatre, integrating all we teach into a rewarding experience. 

You will be surprised how we are able to awaken in you skills and talents you never knew were there. 

We explore everything you like and love about music. 

Our pupils are drawn from the eclectic group of backgrounds you find on the Costa del Sol. We welcome people of all Nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. 

Our Music spans all eras and all styles. 



The Nelson Music Academy Concept


Our concept is to encourage families in our area achieve their full potential in music, using proven teaching methods in pleasant surroundings with an array of both standard and unusual musical instruments. 

We provide a quality learning experience, where people from all age groups can contribute to the creativity of the Academy. We are not the least expensive school around, but we are certainly the best. 

Our skilled, trained musicians and staff will develop abilities to a maximum. 

You will be surprised at the heights you can reach at the Nelson Music Academy!