Nederlands Jazz Archief (Dutch Jazz Archive)

Piet Heinkade 5
1019 BR
The Dutch Jazz Archive is a (non-profit) cultural heritage organization with activist tendencies. Founded in 1982, the archive merged into Music Centre The Netherlands (MCN) in 2007. 

After the liquidation of MCN at the end of 2012, a number of stubborn enthusiasts decided to continue the archive and its activities under the original name. Our aim is to bring the history of jazzmusic alive through publications, concerts, presentations and continuous education of audiences. We feel that jazz is a continuum passed forward from one generation of musicians to the next. Through the practice of today we make connections with this history by making links with important historic styles, personal stories of leading musicians and various archives. We collaborate actively with media-partners and presenters to reach out to audiences. One of our goals is to create an app that will provide audiences with instant contextual information on performing musicians during concerts.