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Jazz, under its various traditional or modern expressions such as: avant-garde, hard-bop, post-bop, folk-jazz, crossover jazz, jazz-funk, was adopted today by almost all the cultures of the planet. Sometimes not categorized as jazz, this new music belongs to a mixture of styles labeled as jazz world fusion, although one size doesn't fit all!

In a globalized world where places and people develop closer ties in time and space jazz become an international music beyond national and cultural borders. Many musicians left their home countries taking with them their cultural heritage later integrated in their compositions along with other influences.

New styles of jazz are still in the development, while old ones coexist with contemporary and innovative creations. At this point in time is hard to define jazz today, the mix of styles and approaches is getting more and more eclectic and complex.

JazzWorldQuest.com is a promotional platform dedicated to jazz and world music from all over the world maintained by JazzWorldQuest Productions, Montreal, Canada.