Jazztage Dresden


Founded in a little suburb of dresden called „Unkersdorf“ in 2001 Jazztage Dresden developed to one oft he most various festivals in germany. With around 80 concerts before Covid in 2019 in main venue Ostra-Dome & Studios with around 350 artists from 35 countries and 40.000 visitors in 4 weeks it became one of the biggest festivals in Germany.

Main programmation is due to the founder Kilian Forster crossover, mainly classical crossover. With only 5 % city and country support to an over 1 million Euro bugdet, the festival is totally underfinanced but could hold now including corony time due to the faithfull audiance, sponsors and the society of friends of Jazztaget Dresden. With average of 4 people staff including artistic director Kilian Forster and managing director Tanja Grandmontagne since 21 years the festival couldn`t take place without the help of around 40 volunteers.

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