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Jazz Festivals & Events (JFE) is a foundation created in 2014 by Sergiu Doru, having as a primary goal the organisation of a jazz festival in Bran Castle (well known as Dracula Castle) located in Transylvania, and other jazz concerts in various venues in Bucharest. In 2013, Sergiu Doru organised in Bran Castle, via Jazz.ro, a Romanian jazz association, the first edition of Jazz at Bran Castle. Upon its creation, JFE organised four editions of Jazz at Bran Castle, during each last weekend of August, between 2014-2017. The line-up of each edition is detailed on JFE's website. In addition to the Festival, JFE pooled together a group of enthusiasts from Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, since 2014, and in collaboration with the French cultural institute and Radio Cluj-Napoca have organised each year four jazz concerts in both cities. The entire activities are described in the website. JFE organised other concerts in Radio Auditorium of Bucharest, among them, the most recent one: Fresu/Galliano/Lundgren "Mare Nostrum II" on June 26, 2017.

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