Jatayu is a Jazz Rock quartet from the port city of Chennai, India. Using sound and music to tell stories, the band blends styles of music from all over the world to create truly global music. They weave together traditional Carnatic music with jazz, funk, rock, and a whole host of perpetually changing styles and influences to push the boundaries of ‘fusion’. 

What started as a bedroom project, has grown into a collaborative musical experiment of style and culture - balancing traditional art and modern progressiveness. Philosophically, Nu-Jazz draws attention to the music as opposed to the individual prowess of the musicians and that’s a tenet the band clearly follows.

After the release of their critically acclaimed debut EP - ‘Chango Tales’, with which they toured the country and broke into the Indian independent music industry, the band has recently released their sophomore EP - ‘MoodSwings’. 
Jatayu has always been an auditory experiment of culture, rhythm & harmony. True to form, ‘Moodswings’ is a colourful re-imagination of their history through the lens of the present.

​Jatayu is a reflection of modern India - rooted in a centuries old art form, yet current and collaborative in approach.

The goal is to create new sonic soundscapes with people from all over the world, understanding culture through music and exchanging ideas using new perspectives helping create something truly unique which is always evolving. 

Website - www.jatayumusic.com