Janet Williamson Music Agency

Los Angeles
CA 90027
Los Angeles
United States

Janet Williamson graduated from UCLA majoring in painting in the heady late 1960's, studying under master artists David Hockney and Richard Diebenkorn. From 1969 to 1974, she managed tours and created LP covers for the seminal 60's British group The Incredible String Band. Following the ISB, she managed and booked ISB co-founder Robin Williamson; produced concerts in London, Edinburgh and Los Angeles; briefly managed Ravi Shankar's non-profit Music Circle; and was an agent with The Moss Agency for a few years, booking (among others) Chick Corea and Charlie Haden before starting her own agency.

In 2001, Los Angeles, she founded the Janet Williamson Music Agency. Her roster reflects her eclectic musical, cultural and art background and interest in fusion of many kinds. It is well known that art — and in particular music — can create changes for the better. It is her great pleasure to book artists who join many others around the world in doing just that.