Intenational JazzFest Kragujevac, Serbia


INTERNATIONAL JAZZFEST KRAGUJEVAC is an annual multi-day music festival held in Kragujevac City, in Central Serbia.. It was founded in 2000 as a need for the cultural change in society and transformation process of cultural policy of the City of Kragujevac. From 2005 it’s managed by the Art & Business Agency “Re-kreativno dud”, from Central Serbia. Year after year, the festival became one of the largest and most important music event, not only for the city but the whole region. 

Starting from 2000 until now, seventeen festival editions of free musical forms of jazz have been organized and eighteen is coming this year. So far the number of musicians participated in the Festival is about 600 (80 bands) from more than 22 countries such as Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, Holland, Israel, Great Britain, Island, Norway, Ukraine, USA, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Poland, ect.


The specific objectives of the Festival are:

  • Promoting the right values ​​and consistency of the program quality
  • Strengthening cultural diversity
  • Promotion of the music festival in Serbia and abroad;
  • Promotion of Kragujevac cultural tourism and its development;
  • Promotion of the public-private partnership in the domain of culture;
  • Development of new audiences;
  • Searching for new talents and giving them opportunity for presentation at the festival
  • Enjoyment instead of just consumption of cultural events
  • ​Improvement of education of gifted students - offering a wide variety of musical practical lessons and  experience from the best world jazz musicians