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Inside Jazz Management is a Ghent-based agency that provides all-encompassing management to Belgian jazz artists. Our mission is to guide, develop and improve our artists career by means of close collaboration. Inside Jazz offers a 360° model covering management, production, communication and tour support . Musicians represented by Inside Jazz use jazz as a language to communicate with any possible genre, from Americana over classical to rock and avant-garde. Inside Jazz Management was founded by Jens Tytgat in 2003. With more then a decade of experience, the agency has lend their vision and experience to a broad array of projects and events, such as the Belgian Jazz Forum, Belgian Jazz Meeting, Bands we work with: -

Joey Baron (US) - De Looze - Verheyen // Yves Peeters - Haven // Bram De Looze - Straight Strung Concert Grand // Pentadox // De Looze - Machtel - De Waele  // DelVita // Jasper Blom Quartet feat. Bert Joris-Nils Wogram (DK) //  Tony Malaby (US) / Jozef Dumoulin (FR) / Ber  // David Thomaere Trio // Vantomme - Vegir  // Stéphane Galland & (the mystery of) KEM feat. Ravichandra Kulur (IND) // Zandland // Kleptomatics