inJazz / Buma Cultuur


InJazz is the biggest jazz network and showcase event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It brings together the entire jazz sector in a dynamic setting in two days. During the day, the conference programme is attended by professionals such as composers, musicians, representatives of national and international clubs, venues and festivals, as well as booking agencies, record labels, management companies and media from several foreign countries. At night, inJazz hosts a showcase festival with a variety of Dutch bands which is free of charge and open to the public.

Also, various European jazz festivals like the EFG London Jazz Festival, Trondheim Jazz Fest, Jazz sous les pommiers and many more, present promising bands from their countries at this showcase festival under the title Europe inJazz. Every year during inJazz the winner of the prestigious Buma Boy Edgar Prize is announced, the most important Dutch prize for jazz and improvised music. InJazz has been running for the last three years a program to support young European Jazz acts by presenting them to the Dutch and international jazz professionals like, festivals, labels, agents and press including radio and tv. The program will continue to run under the title Europe inJazz the coming years.