Half Easy Trio

Mathenesserdijk 495

     Half Easy Trio is an international contemporary jazz band which was formed in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 2018.

     All compositions are written by Martin Hafizi, whose main idea when it comes to creating music, is to provoke deep feelings in the listener - no matter negative or positive, dark or bright, or something in between. Reaching an emotional excitement and sharing it with the audience is always the main reason to be on stage for these three musicians. They are aware that achieving this includes taking risks and being in the moment. Luckily, they are not afraid of doing these two. One of the most powerful abilities they possess, is to create contrasts, in any sense. They tickle one’s imagination as there is a specific story behind each of the tunes. Each of their performances turns into a sonic exploration journey as well as a deep search of rich textures, beauty, energy, power and drama.

     The band members are highly influenced by Bulgarian folklore music, classical music and many different subgenres of jazz.

     The trio is a winner of the prestigious competition “Keep an Eye The Records 2018” held in Bimhuis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.