Green Hours


When you say "jazz" in Bucharest, you automatically think of Green Hours. Since 1994, week by week, our club has hosted jazz, electronic, blues or alternative live mu-sic nights. In 2008, Voicu Rădescu (1955-2021), the founder of Green Hours, initiated Green Hours JAZZ Fest, an outdoor, yet intimate jazz festival, taking place in the bohemian garden of our cultural hub. Green Hours JAZZ Fest brought for the first time in Romania musicians like: Aki Takase, Oded Tzur, Nik Bärtsch, Omer Klein, Michael Wollny or Hanno Busch. ... world-music; modern; contemporary; electronic; experimental; avant-garde ... we call it “JAZZ”! In the moment when “the classical music of the 20th century” is beginning to look up to the minute in Romania, Green Hours has already over 25 years of experience and a festival which became a landmark on the Bucharest's music scene. Managing director & artistic coordinator: Rozana Mihalache.

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