GLP - George Leitner Productions GmbH

Huetteldorfer Strasse 259

Company Info
GLP was created to meet the demand for full service entertainment solutions.
GLP's foundation was laid in 1977, when George Leitner started his first promoting company, promoting and manifesting Punk and alternative concerts in Austria and developing marketing concepts for the industry (banks etc), which was instrumental in providing a solid financial foundation for the trials and experiments to come.
1985 Jack Bart, the agent and manager of "James Brown" gave GLP the first opportunity to progress towards an international agency. Sal Michaels (Pyramid Productions), Dick Allen (William Morris) to name just a few US partners have been instrumental in giving GLP the chance to further develop the concept of "artist marketing" throughout Europe, the Near East, Africa and, eventually, the Far East and Asia. So it was a logical step to stop promoting and focus on artist marketing from 1988 onwards. 
The principles established then have guided the people working with GLP ever since: 
1) Innovation
2) Empowerment of the partners working with GLP
3) Academic strive towards improvements of the methods applied in the industry
4) Personal loyalty and integrity
5) Sound professional knowledge and experience in all aspects of the entertainment industry 
The two corporate members, George Leitner and Dr. Rudolf Leitner constitute the nucleus of GLP and have diversified into the following areas: 
" worldwide agency
" artist marketing beyond the booking of tours
" management
" full services in all fields of the industry
" financial and taxation consultancy
" special projects