Fapte / Jazz in the Park

Our organisation is called Fapte, which is the Romanian word for Actions. Founded in Cluj in 2012, Fapte organizes cultural events in order to inspire and bring value to the local community. We believe that people and communities can be what they want to be.

At Fapte we promote music, street art and contemporary art, we imagining new ways of using the public space, and develop the civic spirit of the community. We bring our contribution to the development of our cities, communities and people by organising events that bring communities together, original and involved in the city life.

Jazz in the Park is our flagship festival. It started in 2013 in Cluj-Napoca and soon became probably the most important jazz festivals in Romania. The festival doesn't just promote music, but also has an active role in the community, promoting public space, helping segregated communities and promoting active community involvement.

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