102 Main Street Suncook, NH
United States
Dreamsicle Arts & Entertainment Group LLC is a multi-dimensional creative enterprise that includes a performance space - recording studio - record label - management company - educational resource. We are dedicated to providing musicians, songwriters, artists and authors with the essential management services to grow their brand. The best relationships are built on mutual understanding. We know that to you, it is not a numbers game, it is your life. So, we work with artists that truly move us. Dreamsicle Arts is about that big dream of yours… we want to hear about it because you won’t get anywhere without it. 
Our services are customized for the unique needs of each artist. Vinx is one of the most eclectic artists of our time. He has over 15 CDs to his name, tours world-wide as a solo act or with some of the most iconic musicians of our time and teaches the next generation of artists through workshops and as a professor at The Berklee College of Music. Jennifer has business experience ranging from the hallowed halls of Wall Street to the whirlwind pace of a software start-up to the focused concentration of the options trading desk. Combined, we have the tools to understand what makes each client unique, to craft a strategy to capitalize on it and to assemble a team of experts to turn your dream into reality. The biggest challenge for most artists is to stay focused, organized and open to new ideas for career development while also keeping in touch with their art. We know this…we have lived it…we want to help you succeed at it. The highest compliment to us is that our clients believe in us, trust us and feel free to concentrate on their art. Our highest compliment to our artists is to surround them with a passionate team of professionals. Our services range from career management and marketing/public relations to financial services and tour management. Please give us a call and tell us how we can help you 603-210-1932.