Davide Rinella


Harmonica player and composer, he studies diatonic harmonica. Some years later, Davide learns to play the chromatic harmonica (that becomes his main instrument) by himself, approaching jazz and free improvisation. He studies and performs with many important musicians in worskhops organized by the association for contemporary music “Curva Minore”: Barre Phillips, Frank Gratkowski, Tim Hodgkinson, Jean-Marc Montera, Günter Baby Sommer, Floros Floridis, Achim Kaufmann, Eugene Chadbourne, Fabrizio Spera, Roberto Bellatalla, Mike Cooper, Sebi Tramontana, and with Michiel Braam, Carl-Ludwig Hübsch, Bart Van Der Putten e Wolter Wierbos (Bik Bent Braam and Instant Composer’s Pool orchestras), with the composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and music theorist Dario Buccino and with Giovanni Mazzarino, Dino Rubino and Francesco Cafiso in Piazza Jazz 2010 workshops. He also works composing music and performing shows and readings with some important actors, writers and comedians, like Giancarlo De Cataldo, Andrea Camilleri, Carlo Lucarelli (Giudici – Einaudi), Fabio Palombo (TrainDogs), Stefano Piazza (Ma chi cci ridi?), Davide Enia (Così in terra – Einaudi) and Francesca Vaccaro (Pentesilea). He also plays with Gabriele Mirabassi, Jono Manson, Giorgio Rosciglione, Olivier Hutman, Denise King and in 2011 produces his first record titled “Ossessa” (much appreciated by the famous italian songwriter Lucio Dalla).