Burghausen Jazz - complete panorama of the Jazz scene in Burghausen


Hello and welcome to our Burghausen Jazz website. Everything there is to know about jazz in Burghausen. 

Philosophy and Intentions

As stated in the opening page , “The purpose of this web-site is to provide a complete panorama of the Jazz scene in Burghausen, Germany for jazz tourists; particularly those visiting or interested in visiting Burghausen to take part in jazz courses, festivals and concerts.” Since our site is permanently under development or update, please bear with us as we progressively improve the site to provide all the information promised in that opening statement, as well as add to our collection of photos, art work and reviews of events.

We (the webmaster and myself) decided to built this site for a number of reasons. Firstly, because we had access to a lot of information and material that nobody else was making use of, at least not in English. Secondly, because we felt there was a need and interest for this information to be “put out there” (and also because I was personally interested in having all this information myself). And thirdly, as an experiment in time and space to see if (and how) we could do it in regard to our respective professional obligations and abilities, and the situation at hand. As you browse through the many sections you will eventually find pretty much all the information, or links to information, that you could possible need as a foreigner coming to this area for the first time. And if you wish to take the time, you can read my version of events leading up to the creation of this site, reports of the various musical events I attend, or CDs that I review. Or you can just relax and enjoy looking at the photos of Burghausen, a beautiful little Bavarian town. Thank you for your interest in Burghausen and Burghausen Jazz.. Happy surfing